Portrait by Susanne Middelberg

Teis Albers (NL, 1982) has been a visual artist since his early twenties. First as a commercial graphic designer and later as a mixed media artist. During this time he has always been shooting portraits of friends and other people
around him.

“ His main inspiration comes from music album covers and movie posters. It's the strong combination of photography and graphic design that makes a work apealing (or not) and you make decisions based on the artwork. Am I going to listen to this record, read this book or watch that movie. He's intrigued with that effect and tries to use it as an inspiration to get better at his craft.

He portrays people with a little twist, a pose, action or glance that gives a little hint about someone's personality. He works mainly in black and white with a hint of sepia to give the photographs a strong graphic contrast and a nostalgic mood.

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Berlicum, the Netherlands